LED Fantasy Jellyfish Light (50%OFF)
LED Fantasy Jellyfish Light (50%OFF)
LED Fantasy Jellyfish Light (50%OFF)
LED Fantasy Jellyfish Light (50%OFF)

LED Fantasy Jellyfish Light (50%OFF)

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  • Electric Jellyfish Tanks are latest fashion in ornamental tanks for modern décor and relaxation. The jellyfish are realistic and even have the tendrils that float behind them as they move creating a realistic effect and mesmerize you, feature with colour changing LED lights makes a spellbinding addition to any home, office or bedroom.
  • IMMERSE YOURSELF IN THE PEACE & CALM OF THE OCEAN: Watch jellyfish models swim quietly, creating a beautiful ambiance. Lifelike jellyfish movements are so realistic you will question if they are real. The overall effect with changing lights is simply mesmerizing and fascinating. Ideal for your desktop, children's room, living room and practically any other room in your house.


  • GREAT SENSORY STIMULATION PRODUCT: The quiet movement of realistic life like Jellyfish in the tank with fascinating color changing lights create a beautiful Tranquil, peaceful & soothing deep-sea ambiance which could help reduce stress & anxiety. Great for children, adults & seniors with special needs, including dementia ADHD & autism. May helps improve mood & well-being.
  • IDEAL FOR HOME OFFICE OR ANY INSTITUTION FOR PEOPLE WITH SPECIAL NEEDS: The Animated Jellyfish Lamp brings simulated marine life and colorful LED lighting to any room at your Home, Office or Institution for people with special needs.

Size: 8.8x8.8x22CM
Rated power: 0.3W