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Enjoy smoothing up to 10x faster than with a traditional straightener and never waste time in your bathroom!

The VivaHair™ Straightener is suitable for all types of hair, it can smooth or curl your hair while taking care of hair fiber thanks to integrated Ion negative technology. Your hair will be silky as if you had spent an entire afternoon in a hair salon.

What your hair has been demanding for a very long time, now finally at hand.

Not available in store. 


Straighten your hair without damaging it!

✔ Viva Hair ceramic technology with variable temperature

✔ 2 in 1 action with integrated looper

✔ Ergonomic and lightweight handle for a pleasant straightening effect

✔ Tested and approved by hundreds of satisfied customers.   

Get straight hair back in seconds.

Main Features

- For all hair types: Ideal for your hair whether short, thick, thin, rough, wavy, curly or frizzy.

- Simple and fast: The Straightener has an extraordinary heating capacity. The result is almost instantaneous.

Take care of your hair: The integrated Negative Ion technology repairs and cares for your hair, leaving it silky, soft and shiny.